Why this page?

As a social being we have different identities in different contexts. In a conversation you take on a role that represents only a small part of who you really are.

This page is an attempt to bring together most of my passions in one place.

Disclaimer: the most important part of my life is still missing in this overview, and that’s my wife and two kids.


Trail of thought

Philosophical advise while running.


Business intelligence, analytics, data visualization.


Qlik-ing since 2012.


Another level of crazy.


The road to ultra.


President of the board of the Ghent Alumni for Philosophy and Moral sciences.


Gartner magic quadrant for BI, philosophers in business, …


Let’s have coffee!

Want to find out how all these pieces fit together, how I prioritize and how I get things done with what may seem a scattered mind? Let’s have coffee!

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