September 15, 2021


It is our vision that every organization needs a data professional at its core to launch the business into the future. Building this vision at

Xudo helps you to use data to realize your vision.

This page will stay alive for a while as a personal blog, but new content about working with data will go here:

A Data Consultants who understands the strategy and direction of the business, and whose focus it is to use data to get there.

  • Is your gut feeling no longer sufficient to be on top of your organization?
  • Do you have thousands of reports at your disposal, but lost the overview?
  • Have you already tried to follow up your strategy with data, but are you stuck?
  • Is your data stored in many different systems that are not linked to each other?
  • Are you busy keeping things running, but do you not have the time to use your data to create value?

We use data to allow for a culture of accountabily and high performance by empowering people to learn from their mistakes and to work on the business, rather than in the business.

What make us unique

  • A holistic way to approach data projects
  • Navigate top down and bottom up thinking
  • Connect business minded people with technical people around data
  • A fresh and independent outside look