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jan. 31, 2019

Meet u alleen de 'makkelijke' KPI's?

‘Als je niet groots kan denken, denk dan vreemd.’ Kunnen we dit  advies van de investeerder Chris Sacca toepassen in corporate  performance managent (CPM)? Er lijkt niet veel vreemds aan de hand in

okt. 24, 2015

Enablers for self-service BI

A couple of conditions have to be fulfilled before this kind of solution can really work. Roughly we can divide the these conditions in 5 aspects: strategy, people, process, data and technology. Strategy,

okt. 24, 2015

Self-service BI - three flavours

Self-service BI - three flavours

As information management consultants we often get the question to integrate self-service BI in our solutions. This is question we welcome with open arms, not just because you can do technically beautiful things

mei 6, 2014

Sabermetric KPI's

One day I came across an interesting article in the Dutch online newspaper DeCorrespondent. It describes a way to distinguish between football players (soccer that is) using a different type of KPI's than

mrt. 1, 2014

QlikView Design Best Practices

edit: glad to have the support of Donald Farmer for this approach :-) In this post two of my passions coincide: building effective dashboards efficiently and drawing. I draw quite a lot in