The art of business

sep. 16, 2020

A test drive of the Looker Dashboarding Platform

After their blogpost about the Taxirides dataset, I reached out to the Tropos team and proposed to build a visualization on top of this dataset. They proposed to give me access to their Looker environment to get this done.

feb. 24, 2020

Project management verzekert je van succes

Project management, wat en waarom? Ik help mijn klanten te groeien door het opzetten van een efficiënte en intuïtieve management rapportering. Sterk project management is een belangrijk aspect van het succes van zo’

feb. 1, 2019

Storytelling Part I - Why tell stories?

Why tell stories?Storytelling is human. It is deeply rooted in human nature and as old as mankind itself. Every culture has started with an oral tradition that precedes the written account of