jan. 31, 2019

Ook processen kunnen een goed design gebruiken

Een belangrijk onderwerp dat in filosofie onderzocht wordt, is hoe we tot kennis komen. Hierbij wordt onderzocht op welke manieren we als mensen omgaan met de wereld rondom ons. Hoe komt het dat we de wereld waarnemen zoals we hem waarnemen?

jan. 31, 2019

Filosofie, daar kan je alles mee doen

Zo'n 100.000 Vlaamse studenten die de komende jaren afstuderen, zullen niet aan de bak komen met hun diploma. Zelf filosoof van opleiding, lees ik beweringen over het nut van een diploma en aansluiting op de arbeidsmarkt steeds met argusogen.

jan. 31, 2019

Gartner Magic Quadrant for BI - 2018

Short visual trend analysis of the Gartner Magic Quadrant for BI that appeared on February 26, 2018. Tableau and Microsoft stay the leaders. Qlik wins on the X-axis 'completeness of vision' and is

feb. 29, 2016

Dataviz on demand

A short while ago I received the following request via Twitter: Recently Matt published his own stab at the visualization and a link to the data-files on his blog: http://preinventedwheel.com/whats-up-with-belgiums-embassies/

feb. 13, 2016

Interview Joost Roelandts

Joost Roelandts is COO van Massive Media, het bedrijf achter het voormalige Netlog en Twoo - een datingsite die ondertussen wereldwijd uitgerold is. Bij toeval is hij ook de man van Lieselot, de

feb. 8, 2016

Gartner magic quadrant for BI - 2016

Definition In order to understand this new quadrant and compare it to the ones of previous years, it's important to realize the different market definition of BI and analytics platforms that Gartner is

jan. 8, 2016

Data lineage documentation in Pajek

A more technical post. I learned about pajek years ago when a friend of mine followed a summerclass about complexity at MIT. He used it to illustrate the difference in complexity between folk,

okt. 24, 2015

Enablers for self-service BI

A couple of conditions have to be fulfilled before this kind of solution can really work. Roughly we can divide the these conditions in 5 aspects: strategy, people, process, data and technology. Strategy,

okt. 24, 2015

Self-service BI - three flavours

Self-service BI - three flavours

As information management consultants we often get the question to integrate self-service BI in our solutions. This is question we welcome with open arms, not just because you can do technically beautiful things

feb. 23, 2015

Gartner magic quadrant for BI - 2015

Comparison with 2014 A quick analysis of the changes in the leaders quadrant of the Gartner magic quadrant for BI 2015 that was released earlier today. On sight Qlik, Microsoft, SAS, SAP and

jan. 12, 2015

Retailing for intimate impact

Everyone goes to the supermarket. As a food-grocer, you fulfill a very important basic need for your customer. The contact with the customer is very intimate. You can have a real impact on