October 24, 2015

Enablers for self-service BI

A couple of conditions have to be fulfilled before this kind of solution can really work. Roughly we can divide the these conditions in 5 aspects: strategy, people, process, data and technology.

Strategy, People, Process (Culture)

The strategy has to allow for the people on the work floor to play with as much data as possible. The idea behind this is that the people coping with the customers and processes on a day to day basis know best where the opportunities for improvement and risks for diminished quality are. By browsing through the information, they are the most likely to identify these opportunities and risks the most accurately.

However, this strategy alone doesn't bring value to the business. Once the opportunities and risks are identified, a culture of empowerment and trust has to be present, encouraging the people making these discoveries to act upon their findings.

From a data perspective, a very well governed and logically structured datamodel has to be in place to support this kind of interaction with the data. As described in the previous post, Qlik's technology can support the front end of this endeavour. For the back-end and link to the datasource we advise to work with a more proficient ETL tool and datawarehouse.