February 29, 2016

Dataviz on demand

A short while ago I received the following request via Twitter:

Recently Matt published his own stab at the visualization and a link to the data-files on his blog:


Today I would like to present the dataviz that I would use to represent this kind of data. The technology I use is Qlik Sense with the Dependency Wheel extension*. The locations where the embassies are located are stored in a drillable dimension: continent, country, city. The width of the bands is determined by the number of cities in the respective continents and countries.

When you click on Belgium, Africa and on Congo, the graph adapts dynamically to these selections as follows in the order of the clicks.

In Qlik Sense a couple of improvements are certainly possible, for example the options to customize the colors are very limited. An improvement to this visual would be to have the 'from'-countries in one color and the 'in'-locations in another. Since the source code of the extension is open source a more tech savy person with a bit more javascript knowledge than I have, would probably be able to figure out how to get this working.